The Courtship

Remember that courtship is so very important. Don't rush into anything, yet do not be non-committal and make your lady wait for years and years. Dating should be a time for gathering all the information you need to make a wise decision. This is not the time to get hooked on how good the pre-marital sex is. Sex makes everything cloudy! Communicate as much as possible and ask any questions that you need to know. Go deep. Ask about family life, childhood, finances, religion, sex, behaviors, abuse, goals, visions, fears, hopes and dreams.

The Abstinent Lifestyle

Abstinence is a lifestyle! You will have to set NEW rules and boundaries for yourself. It is also best to get an accountability partner. No more dates inside your house or apartment! No more sitting on the couch under a nice blanket to watch a movie from home, only to find your date fell asleep,never left for the evening, spent the night and what had happened was...


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